Comparing Template Versions For Azure Resource Manager (ARM), Bicep, or Terraform Using Azure

When deployed resources to Azure the recommended Azure Resource Manager (ARM) guidance is to hardcode the latest version when creating a resource and only updating it if needed per However, if you need functionality only offered by a newer version, it’s time to update to a newer apiVersion.

As a start, we can compare the schema of different versions to view the differences.

Comparing schemas

Using Cosmos DB as an example, we can compare difference versions by opening multiple tabs in Visual Studio Code and using > File: Compare New Untitled Text Files in the search bar and pasting the schemas of versions to compare (or, use another diff tool).

For example, we can compare the ARM schemas of Microsoft.DocumentDB databaseAccounts 2023-04-15 and Microsoft.DocumentDB databaseAccounts 2023-11-15 and see the apiVersion changed and 2 properties were added.

You can also compare the Bicep or Terraform schemas if you prefer.

Cosmos DB also publishes a change log for reference:

In closing

Hope that helps navigate the first step of a necessary apiVersion update! While it’s not a guarantee there isn’t a behavior change, comparing schemas can be a good first step.

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