Operating A Wi-Fi Enabled Robot Vacuum / Mop During A Home Internet Outage Using A Smartphone Hotspot

Robot vacuums / mops are a convenient way to clean your home. If they are typically operated using Wi-Fi functionality may be limited during an internet outage.

You can use your smartphone hotspot to get full functionality back during an internet outage by having a smartphone become the Wi-Fi network used by the robot vacuum / mop.


  1. Turn off the existing Wi-Fi network (to avoid confusion with your phone hotspot network).
  2. Turn on your phone hotspot set up to match the exact Wi-Fi network band, SSID (network name), and password. If you’re unfamiliar with setting up a hotspot using your phone search online for information specific to your device.
  3. Use your robot vacuum / mop.
  4. When finished, turn off the smartphone hotspot and turn on your home Wi-Fi again.


If you’re having trouble try waiting a bit if it needs to find the hotspot network. If it’s still not working check the hotspot settings. Ensure you’re using a supported Wi-Fi band (try 2.4 GHz if other options are unsupported by your device).

In closing

Hope that helps get your device working!

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.