Integrating Google Chrome With KeePass Using chromeIPass and KeePassHttp

Having browser integration with KeePass can be helpful, and can be accomplished with Google Chrome using KeePassHttp and chromeIPass.

Here’s how:

Install KeePassHttp

You can install KeePassHttp on Windows using Chocolatey and
choco install keepass-keepasshttp from an Administrator cmd or PowerShell prompt.

If you had KeePass open during the installation, you’ll want to restart it to begin using the KeePassHttp plugin.

If you’re running OS X or Linux, or prefer to not use Chocolatey on Windows, refer to the directions at

Install chromeIPass

chromeIPass is a Google Chrome plugin designed to work with KeePassHttp. You can install it from

Quick setup

After everything is installed, click on the icon for the chromeIPass extension in Google Chrome, then click on the Connect button. Now, complete the connection procedure in KeePass.

That concludes this quick how-to, enjoy!

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.