2015: A Personal Recap

I posted a personal recap last year. Here’s the same as a 2015 edition:

  • I spoke at my first conference this year! In fact, I spoke at 7 conferences this year, as well as some other non-conference events! It’s been an amazing experience traveling, meeting new people, and just having a blast. Thanks to everyone who inspired me to get this far!
  • I bought a musical keyboard – a 61 key MIDI controller. And, I lead my first-ever solo (small) Worship service using it!
  • I got some internet points for authoring the Slack Chocolatey package. You may express your gratitude each time you choco install slack to my Twitter account (not required, but, I wouldn’t complain).
  • I tracked around 250 miles on my Runkeeper account.

See you in 2016, internet!

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.