Thread Safe Lazy Initialization Using C# Notes

Sometimes it makes sense to lazily initialize something in an application. In the case of an application internal cache waiting until the first access of data to prime the cache could improve startup times. One way of lazy initialization with C# is Lazy<T>. [Read More]
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Keyboard Shortcuts For Efficient Visual Studio 2019 Testing

When authoring tests using Visual Studio 2019 you may find yourself running tests continually. Whether you’re running tests on a fresh clone to make sure tooling is working or running them while making changes to code, you may find yourself running tests frequently. [Read More]
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Leniently Parse Comma Separated Configuration Values Using C#

Whether you’re running .NET full framework or .NET Core sometimes you may want to read configuration values at runtime. Sometimes the value might look like "a,b,c", which some might write as "a, b, c". When configuration values are comma separated or delimited in some manner it’s a good idea to... [Read More]
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Using BenchmarkDotNet with Azure Functions

BenchmarkDotNet is a tool for benchmarking .NET applications. Azure Functions is a serverless web application offering. You can put these together to benchmark your Azure Functions applications. [Read More]
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